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Catley Crue Cattery was established in 1990, 
and is located  in South Dakota.

 A little information about the caregivers:  Marsha (that's me) is the true "Lover" behind all these cuddly balls of fur.  Wendell (my husband), is a well-appreciated maintenance man, and also the weekend sitter when I'm attending shows.  He helps out with the cats when he can.

We have two grown children.  Jeremy, our son and wife Jessica and their three daughters, Morgan, Shelby and Lexus.   Jennifer, our daughter and husband Jamie,  and they have two "kids"... one named "Lowrider" (a Munchkin) and one named "Peanut" (a Persian).  She is also my left and right hands when it comes to the computer.  She is the one who designed my web page and maintains it.  She also has a good eye for quality in a kitty.

 Catley Crue has been registered with CFA since 1990, and we show exclusively with CFA (the largest registry in the world of purebred cats).  I have devoted a lot of my time to this wonderful hobby of breeding and showing.  Through selective and careful breeding, Catley Crue is trying to improve on the Himalayan (Pointed Persian) and Persian breeds.  My goal is to produce kitties with sweet wide-open expressions, large boned, heavy coats, and sweet temperament.   Here at Catley Crue, we breed for quality not quantity.  Whether our kittens are pet, breeder or show quality, they are all loved and treated equally.

I would like to thank my daughter for all the time and hard work she has put into my website and all the time she continues to put into it by keeping it updated.

Catley Crue Cattery is a closed cattery.....we DO NOT provide stud services.

We are members of the Atlantic Himalayan Club 
and a member of the Sandhills Cat Club.

We are a PKD DNA tested cattery.  

We invite you to browse our web page and enjoy admiring our sweet babies.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding upcoming litters or kittens available  now.



Marsha Tjeerdsma




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